Refreshing Drinks to Make this Summer

We still have a month or two left of summer, and with this heat wave, who knows what we’re in for. All that’s for certain is that we need refreshing summer cocktails, and we need them fast. We’ve compiled some of our favorites for you below! Island Breeze Cocktail with Ciroc Coconut Vodka to really end summer with a bang! Mint Lemonade Cocktail with Stoli for those with a minty fresh pallet. Summer Sunset Vodka Cocktail with Grey Goose White Peach and Rosemary Vodka for those who savor the su

Featured Spirit: Kyrö

Gin is the spirit of choice in the summer, and we can understand why. A perfect, neutral spirit that goes with all of your favorite, refreshing, fruity cocktails? We’re elevating G&T’s over here at Bevvi! Kyrö was dreamed up in a sauna…as it says bright and bold on their website. Which apparently, for Finnish folks, is familiar territory. Basically, a group of friends were having a drink in the saunca (rye whiskey to be exact) and couldn’t figure out why nobody was making rye whiskey in Finland

a promise

if i ever have a daughter one moment gets so much glory. i'll tell her all this and more. and so maybe she will see. and she won't ever be afraid. i'll talk to her about love, about life, about chasing the light.i'll tell her how we're all the same. and we're all just making a lot of mistakes.trying to love in between.i'll tell her this is okay, as long as we stay connected to truth in the midst.if i ever have a daughteri'll be honest when she asks me about who i am, about who i wasi'll tell

How to Have a COVID-Safe Social at the Office

The world is opening back up again, and that means many of us are back at work. You may have noticed, however, that things are a bit different. A lot of us spent MORE time “on the clock” while the world was in shut down, due to no more commutes, online zoom meetings, and very little forced work-life balance. So, if you’re feeling a little burnt out, we don’t blame you! We’re calling for Summer Fridays and regular office happy hours to keep the morale high, and life feeling balanced. Here is what

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with these Latinx-owned Alcohol Brands

If it wasn’t already on your radar, we are in the middle of Hispanic Heritage Month! This honorary month is celebrated annually from September 15th to October 15th, and we want to highlight a few popular Latinx-founded and -owned brands available on Bevvi that retailers should consider stocking. Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to honor the histories and cultures of Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America, all of which have important wine and spirit histories. Get into the “

The Time I Fell In Love Through A Shared Spotify Playlist

I’ve been sending songs for six months now. Beginning at the very end of October that year, the world fell apart. Lengthy letters in the form of artists through the ages. Well, in the form of a shared Spotify playlist, actually. Very modern love of me. In the essence of being completely honest, because I’m not trying to lie to a whole bunch of strangers, it might be a bit presumptuous (alright, okay, borderline delusional) to claim love between the lyrics. We don’t even know each other, not rea

What your [desk] lunch says about you.

It is statistically proven that, when looking for something to eat, the average American tends to reach for sugary, highly processed, “fast” foods out of convenience, affordability, and pleasure. Though this trend is slowly beginning to shift, this over-consumption of “fast” food, sugar, and caffeine can directly lead to poor sleep, excessive stress, breakouts, low immune system, brain fog, sluggishness, weight gain, etc. An intentional shift to more mindful eating is crucial in the overall well

A Guide to Productivity for the City’s Freelancers and Digital Nomads

Combat stress and boost productivity in the workplace Hands up if you freelance, or more importantly, work from home, remotely, a co-working space, a coffee shop, the subway, etc… Well then, you understand how difficult it can sometimes be to stay productive, motivated, and efficient during the work day. Ever wonder if there are ways to improve the process? Look no further, we have put together a guide to maintaining productivity when it seems as though the entire city is your office space! W

The Truth About (organic) Juice!

Do you often feel like you spend so much money on juice as it is, why would you spend even MORE to make sure it’s organic? Read on and maybe become enlightened! At this point, I think we all know the benefits of cold-pressed juice in our day to day lives. After all, it’s 2018, and juice shops have been popping up left and right – making it easy for us to get our veggies in while on the go. There may be many different reasons for your interest in and commitment to cold pressed juice: it is refre

Seasonal Self Care

Mindfulness Tips to Maximize your Health and Well-Being During this Hectic Holiday Season It’s starting to be that time again – the most wonderful time of the year! However, the most wonderful time often finds you at your most run down, stressed, and exhausted. It is the season you are more likely to overcommit, over-indulge, and put everyone first but yourself, leaving you frustrated, worn out, and anxious by the time the new year rolls around. Because stress taxes our ability to be creative a